The malt quality:

number of stills: points: quality specification:
10-11,9 points A single malt, which could be much better in taste.
12-13,9 points A normal malt!
14-15,9 points A good maltquality!
16-17,9 points A very good maltquality!
18-19,9 points A maltdream. This is a very delicious malt! .


The valuationrange runs from 10 - 20 points, in which the normal Glenfiddich

possess the 10 points valuation.

This malt shows no faults in the produktion,

the maturation and the filling.

If the malts show no still, so I have to taste them soon.

The malts,which earns no valuation with one still, have earned some clear words,

what I make in some or many words.


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