EIDORA  Edition No.5

This EIDORA painting was made
 from the rendsburgian artist Mr.Helmut F.Hoffmann
It shows us a very real painting in oil of the current situation of EIDORA building.
The room on the right hand on the ground floor is already restored and tastings
are made here every year in end of august.


The rendsburgian warehouse EIDORA

(the latin name for the river Eider) was built

in 1836 to store barley and sugar for the old harbour.

The original cask strength bottlings of this range should remind us to this old building and the important influence of the Eider,

which was the border to Denmark since 811:


EIDORA Romani Terminus Impery 

This rare Caol Ila was tasted

by Thomas Krüger with the comments :

peaty mixed pickles & typical Caol Ila.

 Please taste this powerful Islay Malt undiluted

and you will taste :

 sweet peat, salt & maltiness

with a long & warm feeling in your whole body.

 000 / 308

                                               Thomas Krüger                                              

                                           Krügers Whiskygalerie


                                              24768 Rendsburg

 Rendsburg in the year twothousandandfive